Clamshell Packs

Clamshell Pack

In pursuit of making Safe-T-Punch™ available to everybody who wishes to improve their level of personal safety, our model STP50FA is available in a complete self-contained no tools required kit. The kit is both suitable for safe transportation of the complete emergency exit system to you and is appropriately designed for retail display.

The kit consists of the following:

  • A STP50FA device: Independently performance tested (see test reports) low profile device with Environmental Protection Ring. All adhesives pre-fitted ready for simple peel and stick installation.
  • Instructions sticker: An operating instructions sticker. Fitted to the glass, this explains in evaluated pictogram form, with numbered sequence and in compliance with UN ECE R107 “marking of emergency exit” requirements, the simple operation of the device in the event of an emergency.
  • Instructions languages available include: EN, AF, XH, ZU, VEN, TSW, DE, PT, SV, FI, AR, NO, ES, CY, ZH, HI, HE, HU, RU, FR
  • Isopropyl Alcohol swabs: Two alcohol swabs supplied for final cleaning of the fitment area.
  • Installation instructions: Simple installation instructions in numbered sequence and pictograms. These are supplied in regional language when required.

    Our Website provides video examples of the installation procedure.

  • NO TOOLS ARE REQUIRED to install the STP50FA except for a small bucket, some dish washing liquid soap, clean water and paper towel (not supplied).

  • Clamshell packaging: This affords robust protection of your asset during transport to you. In the event of retailing the product, the design of the packaging allows for retail display and is equipped with a standard display hangar slot. Packaging can be supplied clipped only or high frequency welded for optimum stock security during retail display.


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